Our 5 top tips to get you & your car through the silly season!

Holiday time can be a great opportunity to spend quality, uninterrupted time with family & friends. But may also mean travelling great distances and spending long periods of time behind the wheel, or being the co-driver in charge of the radio with the car stacked to the brim!

Here at Goulburn Motor Group, we want to make sure you get to your destination over the holiday season safely with no hiccups, so here are our top 5 tips to get you & your car through the silly season.

1- Check your water & oil levels: Ensure that when you do this that your car is on a level surface and it is always best to check first thing in the morning, before your car has been driven.

2- Up to date Serving: Barry Keller (GMG Service Manager) says “If your car is due or overdue for a service, it is best to book this in before you take it on a long trip to ensure its safety and performance is on point for your journey” also “appointments are booking up quickly so get in early for that pre-holiday service and safety check.”

If you are unsure of how much your next service is, click on the following link to find out. https://www.mazda.com.au/owners/servicing/owners-service-calculator/. Or for an Isuzu, please contact our service department for an estimate cost.

3- Check your tyre pressure & tread is correct: Kate Croker (Owner Goulburn Tyre Centre) ‘Check your tyre pressure & tread is correct. Your correct pressure amounts are located on the door frame on the driver’s side. If your tyres do not have the correct tread it can become a very serious safety issue, you will receive better braking & handling if they are above the ware indicators found in the tread on the tyre surface and inflated to the correct air pressure. It can also become illegal to drive if your tyres tread is too low. ‘If your tyres have the correct pressures, it is not only safer for you, it will also give you more mileage and better fuel economy.’

Kieran Davies (GMG Dealer Principal) ‘When checking your tyre tread is right for a long trip. The outside edge is often the only part viewed so it’s important you climb underneath to see the entire tyre for tread depth or drop down to the dealership and we can check it for you.’

4- Check that your head and taillights are in working order: Greg Rebhandl (GMG Technician Foreman) ‘it’s something we don’t often see for ourselves but vital when travelling at night particularly on country roads. You want to make sure that your vision will be sufficient when driving in the dark.’

5- Self detail and Clean: Mark Elton (GMG Head Detailer) ‘It’s a great idea to thoroughly wash and clean your car inside and out yourself before heading off on you journey, a clean car not only makes you feel mentally fresh but give you a chance you look over your vehicle in detail for any damage or areas of concern that need attention before your trip.’

If you are unsure on how to do any of this yourself, or have any questions regarding your vehicle maintenance, make sure you pop down to our service centre and our service team will make sure that your car is ready to go for your next trip….

Goulburn Motor Group thanks you all for your continued support and wish you the very best and safe time over this holiday period.

We are open to help across all of December, minus the public holidays. We look forward to seeing you in the dealership soon. Happy Christmas.